About us

An Integrated Ecosystem
for Freedom.

“If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”

George Washington

AlignForFreedom was born of a precarious time in America. Caught up in the furor over the 2020 Elections, some in the progressive movement moved away from seeking positive change. Instead, they began working to suppress essential liberties, including freedom of speech, assembly, and commerce. And soon, their “cancel culture” was silencing voices, preventing gatherings, and destroying jobs.

Fortunately, the American people quickly realized action was needed to preserve all that has made us free.

AlignForFreedom is dedicated to facilitating this action. We believe it is regressive, not progressive, to suppress anyone’s natural right to speak, assemble, and interact freely within the law. Instead, we believe every man and woman – irrespective of their race, religion, origin, gender, or philosophy – must retain this right in order for any of us to be free.

That’s why AlignForFreedom was built to deliver a cancel-free ecosystem of tools for individual liberty.

  • AlignPay enables donations, contributions, and payments to be processed in a safe and private manner.
  • AlignAct empowers advocates to make themselves heard by government and corporate decisionmakers.
  • And AlignEvents energizes people to peacefully and lawfully assemble in live and virtual events.

Consistent with our commitment to liberty, AlignForFreedom never picks a side on any issue. Instead, we are proud to deliver tools that all people, organizations, campaigns, and merchants can use in a healthy, open, and legal way.

At AlignForFreedom, we’re not building Big Tech. We’re building Your Tech.